85% of the schools in Haiti are privately owned, making tuition and other fees prohibitively expensive for most families.

A USAID study found that, in part due to a lack of government oversight, the average Haitian has less than 5 years of schooling and nearly half of all students finishing the second grade could not read a single word.

Clean Hands for Haiti has long emphasized the importance of education. We place a key focus on providing educational opportunities to children who would otherwise not be able to go to school. Our objective is to prove children aged 3+ with the emotional, financial, and educational resources and support that they need to excel in school. 

Resources for our students.

Our sponsored students work hard everyday, so we work hard to ensure they have all the resources they need to be successful. Thanks to generous sponsors and donors, each student that is enrolled in our program has access to the following:

  • Full yearly tuition

  • Books and writing supplies

  • Uniforms and backpacks

  • Academic support and tutoring

  • Access to computers

  • Medical and dental care

  • Annual historical tour

  • Weekly healthy meals

  • Workshops and classes

  • Hygeine supplies and vitamins

A safe place to learn.

Most of our students live in one of the roughest neighborhoods of Port au Prince. We built a Community Center in the neighborhood as a safe space for local kids to learn, study, and play. Our students have full-time access to the space which includes a weekly tutor, arts program, lectures and workshops, and a technology lab.

Our process.

Our staff based in Haiti oversees our students and the selection of new students into our program.

  • 1

    Local schools hand out application forms to families to dedicated students who have financial hardships.

  • 2

    The student and their guardian fills out the form about why they are interested in joining our program.

  • 3

    Our program director interviews qualified students and their families to see if our program would be a good fit. 

  • 4

    The program director and Clean Hands founders review each applicant and make a decision about admission.

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Community Center

The Clean Hands for Haiti Community Center opened in 2015 as a safe space for our students to learn and play after school. 

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Student Profile: Sama

Sama is one of our first graduates from the program. She recently beat cancer and will begin University in the Spring of 2017. 

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Student Profile: Samuel

Samuel recently became the first University graduate from our program, receiving a degree in civil engineering from a top school.

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Enrolling 100 Students

Our vision is to provide academic scholarships and support to 100 new students across Haiti by 2020. See more about our future plans. 

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